Y Small Footprint and Low Height            Y Integrated Analog Data Separator
    Packages                                       250 Kbits sec
                                                   300 Kbits sec
Y Supports Standard 5 0V as Well as Low            500 Kbits sec
    Voltage 3 3V Platforms                         1 Mbits sec
       Selectable 3 3V and 5 0V                    2 Mbits sec
       5 0V Tolerant Drive Interface        Y Integrated Tape Drive Support
                                                   Standard 1 Mbps 500 Kbps
Y Enhanced Power Management                        250 Kbps Tape Drives
       Application Software Transparency           New 2 Mbps Tape Drive Mode
       Programmable Powerdown
       Command                              Y Perpendicular Recording Support for
       Save and Restore Commands for 0V         4 MB Drives
       Auto Powerdown and Wakeup            Y Fully Decoded Drive Select and Motor
       Modes                                    Signals
       Two External Power Management
       Pins                                 Y Programmable Write Precompensation
       Consumes No Power While in               Delays
                                            Y Addresses 256 Tracks Directly
Y Programmable Internal Oscillator              Supports Unlimited Tracks

Y Floppy Drive Support Features             Y 16 Byte FIFO
       Drive Specification Command
       Media ID Capability Provides Media   Y Single-Chip Floppy Disk Controller
       Recognition                              Solution for Portables and Desktops
       Drive ID Capability Allows the User         100% PC-AT Compatible
       to Recognize the Type of Drive              100% PS 2 Compatible
       Selectable Boot Drive                       100% PS 2 Model 30 Compatible
       Standard IBM and ISO Format                 Fully Compatible with Intel's 386SL
       Features                                    Microprocessor SuperSet
       Format with Write Command for               Integrated Drive and Data Bus
       High Performance in Mass Floppy             Buffers
                                            Y Available in 64 Pin QFP and 44 Pin QFP
Y Integrated Host Disk Interface Drivers        Package

                                                  (See Package Specification Order Number 240800 Package
                                                  Type S)

The 82078 Product Family brings a set of enhanced floppy disk controllers These include several features
that allow for easy implementation in both the portable and desktop market The current family includes a 64
pin and a 44 pin part in the smaller form factor QFP package The 3 3V version of the 64 pin part provides an
ideal solution for the rapidly emerging 3 3V platforms It also allows for a 5 0V tolerant floppy drive interface
that lets the users retain their normal 5 0V drives Another version of the 64 pin part provides support for 2
Mbps data rate tape drives

Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners

Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners
Information in this document is provided in connection with Intel products Intel assumes no liability whatsoever including infringement of any patent or
copyright for sale and use of Intel products except as provided in Intel's Terms and Conditions of Sale for such products Intel retains the right to make
changes to these specifications at any time without notice Microcomputer Products may have minor variations to this specification known as errata

COPYRIGHT INTEL CORPORATION 1996  February 1994                     Order Number 290468-003

                Table 1-0 64 Pin Part Versions

                3 3V  5 0V                      2 Mbps Data Rate
       82078SL  X     X

The 44 pin is targeted for platforms that are operated at 3 3V or 5 0V and do not require more than two drive
support The 82078-5 is designed for price sensitive 5 0V designs which do not include 4 MB drive support

                Table 2-0 44 Pin Part Versions

                3 3V  5 0V                      1 Mbps Data Rate
       82078          X
       82078-5                                             X
       82078-3        X


Both parts can be operated at 1 Mbps 500 Kbps 300 Kbps 250 Kbps Additionally one version of the 64 pin
part provides 2 Mbps data rate operation specific for the new tape drives

The 82078 is fabricated with Intel's advanced CHMOS III technology

                                                                                                                                                                             290468 1


290468 2

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